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Advanced Principles and Combative Applications for Traditional Martial Arts


 Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai seminars, workshops and study groups are designed as a continuing education program to assist the school-head, instructor or student develop and refine the skills, techniques and theories of combative science within traditional martial arts. Our training is physical as well as academic, with an emphasis on combining the physical skills and theories of martial science to gain a practical and effective combative use of martial arts training. If your school or association is interested in hosting a seminar please contact Troy J. Price @ or 919-360-7224. We have several affiliated schools and study groups across the USA, Canada and Danmark; please see our schools page for a location near you. 

Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai Purpose & Mission:


The purpose and mission of the Shurite Bujutsu-Kai is to provide continuing education opportunities, programs and media for serious martial artist. We assist students, instructors and school-heads to develop and refine the skills, techniques and theories of combative science and motion within traditional martial arts training. We offer seminars, workshops, study groups and training media in the martial arts of Karate, Ju-Jutsu, Combative Flow Training System, Kyusho-Jutsu, Judo, Filipino MA, Chin-Na, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taiiquan, Qigong and other special martial arts subject areas.  

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 Host or attend a martial arts seminar or class with one of our certified master level instructors. We conduct seminars throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Please see our seminars page for a list of up-coming seminars.    

We teach regular martial art classes all over the USA and Danmark; please see the schools page and class page for a list of regular class locations.

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Instructional DVDs for traditional combative martial arts training in the arts of Karate Ju-Jutsu, Judo, Combative Flow, Kyusho-Jutsu, Chin-Na, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Qigong, Filipino MA and Kobudo

Books & Posters

Instructional, theoretical and academic martial arts training books and posters for Karate, Kyusho-Jutsu and Ju-Jutsu

Combination Sets

Receive discounts when purchasing product combination sets and training courses

Apparel: Uniforms, Shirts, Belts & Patches

Shurite Bujutsu-Kai tee-shirts, official uniforms/gis, belts/obi and patches


Incrediwear products, joint sleeves and braces accelerate recovery and relieve pain for those suffering from acute or chronic joint injuries and conditions

Herbal Formulas/Dit Da Jow

Chinese herbal formulas, dit da jow, external analgesic liniments and medicated plasters for martial artist

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Become a official member of the Shurite Bujutsu-Kai with life, yearly and dojo/school memberships available

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You can register and pay online for many of the SBK hosted seminars and events

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Seminar Registration

Advanced Martial Arts Training Symposium 2019


External & Internal Martial Arts, Weapons Training and Healing Arts

November 8, 9 & 10, 2019 - Dallas, NC

(For More Information (PDF Flyer)

Shuri-Te Bu-Jutsu Workshop Series 2019


Rockwell, NC 


(For More Information (PDF Flyer)

2020 Shuri-Te Martial Arts International Conference


April 17, 18 & 19, 2020 - Fort Mill, South Carolina - USA

(For More Information PDF Flyer)

SBK Martial Arts Video Action Clips

Troy J. Price 

Action Clips from Shurite Conference 2013

To see more video clips of SBK instructors & members click below

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